What do you need taught? Chances are that Matthew can teach it! Working as a supervisor and manager in sales and customer service phone rooms naturally led Matthew to teaching adults how to use sales software and eventually on to teaching customer service and leadership techniques.

Since June of 2017 Matthew has worked as a director of education in a Unitarian Universalist church. What’s especially interesting about this is that the Unitarian Universalist Association in conjunction with the United Church of Christ has a science based sexuality education class called Our Whole Lives. So, in addition to being qualified to teach children and adults, Matthew is also a certified sexuality education instructor. Through his work with religious communities, Matthew has also taught adult classes on prayer and meditation and children’s classes on everything from the 7 UU Principles to bullying prevention.


These classes are ready to go. Just reach out to Matthew through his Contact page to arrange for him to come teach them.

Emotional Intelligence for Kids! (Grades 2-5)

This is a 90-minute class designed to help children learn the ins and outs of Emotional Intelligence and give them a head start in leadership.

Art TRECK (Grades TK-5)

This is a series of 1-hour art classes that teach the principles of tolerance, respect, empathy, compassion, and kindness (TRECK). In each of the five lessons, students learn about a famous artist, an art technique, and a principle. These classes are FUN, powerful, transformational, and kids love them.


This class is under construction. Contact Matthew if you would like to be part of the beta testing process.

Self-Care for the Customer Service Professional

This is a class that Matthew has been developing since his days as Audience Services Manager for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The concept is that companies can invest in their employees and help them avoid burnout by teaching them a variety of self-care techniques from meditation to visualization, as well as making them masters of Emotional Intelligence.