When it comes to writing, Matthew’s mantra is a lot like Dory in Finding Nemo: “Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing…”

Matthew has been a lover of writing and language since he was able to hold a pencil. He has written everything from stand-up comedy to one-act plays to sitcom spec scripts and more. He has written for a variety of publications over the years including Hysterical Left, Ennouncement Cards, and McGraw-Hill. His work with McGraw-Hill earned him and his teammates two SIIA CODiE awards for achievement in postsecondary course creation.

From July of 2014 through May of 2018 Matthew blogged extensively at SuperEclectica.com. During this time, Matthew took some time off from his professional career to enjoy a few years as a Stay-At-Home Dad with his twins, a theme which came up occasionally on that blog. From this, Matthew was invited to write a guest piece for Pile of Babies, which you can find here.

Currently, Matthew is blogging regularly at CenturyofCompassion.com. There, he focuses on the topics of compassion and RECK for All. He is also presently working on a nonfiction book based upon the concept of RECK for All and has several children’s book manuscripts to his credit.